To improve human health by accelerating the world’s transition to precision medicine


To improve the success of drug discovery and development through Genomics, AI and Quantum Computing



“The ability to generate a very good quality technical sequence of the human genome exists. But there is a massive gap between having the data in front of us and knowing what it all means”.

Quote from December 2020 interview with Dr. Eric Green, head of the National Human Genome Research Institute (Leading US genomic research organization.)

The life sciences industry is under pressure due to increasing costs and time required to bring average drug to market. Traditional methods of conducting clinical trials may not be sustainable as high rates of failure exceed revenues from new drugs.


Collaboration with Fortune 100 company for groundbreaking development of our cutting-edge genomics driven AI platform, dedicated to transforming the drug development process by enabling pharmaceutical companies to bring drugs to the market faster.

Rich Dataset
The dataset derived from over 15,000 case studies is a substantial and diverse source of information. Including a wide range of genetic, environmental, lifestyle, and health-related data, making it a valuable resource for understanding the underlying causes of diseases and cellular behavior.
Factors Influencing Cellular Behavior
GNQ's approach takes a comprehensive approach essential for gaining insights into complex diseases including factors influencing cellular behaviours such as genetic pathways, environmental factors, lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, and more.
Genomics, AI, and Quantum Computing
The integration of genomics, AI, and quantum computing represents a cutting-edge approach to drug discovery and development. Genomics provides insights into the genetic basis of diseases, AI can analyze and interpret vast datasets, and quantum computing can tackle complex simulations and calculations that were previously challenging.
Novel Approach
GNQ's platform introduces a novel approach to drug discovery. By leveraging deep genomic understanding and advanced technologies, it has the potential to identify novel drug targets, optimize drug molecules, and predict treatment responses with greater precision.
Accelerated Research
The combination of proprietary genomic insights and advanced technologies can significantly accelerate the research and development process. This can lead to faster discoveries and potentially more effective treatments for a wide range of diseases.
Ethical and Privacy Considerations
Given the sensitive nature of genomic and health data, it's crucial for GNQ to maintain rigorous ethical standards and data privacy measures to protect individuals' information.
Collaboration and Validation
Collaborations with research institutions, clinical experts, and regulatory bodies are essential for validating the findings and ensuring that they meet regulatory standards for drug development.
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Platform is expected to dramatically cuts costs as well as reduce development time for new therapeutics. Potential annual savings of billions of dollars in research and development costs for world’s leading life science companies.

Platform Licensing Opportunities
Being a pioneer in this space allows GNQ to explore platform licensing opportunities. Licensing its proprietary technologies, insights, or platforms to other pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, or startups will create new revenue streams and establish GNQ as a leader in the industry.
Collaborations with Strategic Partners
Partnering with key players in the life sciences and healthcare industries can provide access to resources, expertise, and distribution channels. Collaborations can enhance research capabilities, accelerate product development, and broaden the reach of GNQ's innovations.
Research and Development Acceleration
GNQ's first-mover advantage positions it to lead in innovative drug discovery methods. This can result in faster and more efficient research and development processes, leading to a competitive edge in bringing new therapies to market.
Market Leadership
By establishing itself as a first mover, GNQ will build a strong reputation and credibility in the industry. This leadership position attracts talent, investors, and potential partners interested in being part of a ground-breaking endeavor.
Diversification of Offerings
Beyond drug discovery, GNQ can diversify its offerings by exploring applications in diagnostics, personalized medicine, and healthcare analytics. This diversification can provide resilience and opportunities for growth.
Long-Term Vision
GNQ has a clear long-term vision for its role in the drug discovery and healthcare ecosystem. This includes planning for scalability, sustainability, and adaptation to evolving technologies and market dynamics.
Customer-Centric Approach
GNQ prioritizes a customer-centric approach by tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of clients in the life sciences and healthcare industries. Understanding their pain points and offering solutions that address them is key to success.
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AI/Quantum Computing

Spearheaded by GNQ’s Chief Technology Officer, we are collaborating with industry leaders in leveraging quantum computing capabilities to optimize drug development.


AI models to infer knowledge gaps and generate hypotheses.
Identifying genes associated with specific cellular behaviors.
Speed up the research process and ultimately enhance MNH’s genomic and epigenetic insights.
Generating insights from large amounts of structured and unstructured technical literature.
Developing and deploying federated learning models to derive insights from disparate health data without compromising security and privacy of health data.
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Combine proprietary genomics insights, AI along with quantum computing in the hybrid cloud for number of applications:

Design target drug molecules personalized by genomic profiles.
Provide genomic, epigenetic and microbiome-based insights in a point of care setting to improve diagnostic predictions in hormonal, cardiovascular, metabolic and auto immune disease.
Improve clinical trials outcomes by providing genomic stratification in cohort selection.
Simulate pharmacokinetics in silico (virtually) to improve drug safety and efficacy predictions before conducting clinical trials.
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By combining AI-driven insights with domain expertise and a commitment to data privacy and ethical considerations, you can accelerate research processes, enhance genomic insights, and contribute to advancements in precision medicine and healthcare.

Collaborating with quantum computing providers like IBM can be valuable, as it gives you access to cutting-edge quantum hardware and expertise. Additionally, partnerships with healthcare institutions, clinical researchers, and regulatory bodies will be crucial for successfully integrating these technologies into the healthcare ecosystem.